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Success Stories

Deshpande Fellowship Program

Basavaraj S. K.

Basavaraj S. K.
Founder, Innovative Foundation, Ranebennur.

I would think only from one perspective, my mindset was fixed. The EMT module made me think of Why not? I had also created many barriers for myself, one was language. Now, I have the confidence that I will be able to handle any task without barriers.”

Basavaraj is the founder of Innovative Foundation, Ranebennur. The foundation supports the youth, school and college drop outs by training them on various skill sets. It now has a turnover of 21 lakhs per annum and a staff of 14 members and guest faculties. Speaking about the impact, he says I now realize how micro help can make a macro impact. We intend to touch every youth in Haveri District by 2020. I can now measure the impact my organization is making.    


Hanumantha B.Haligeri

Hanumantha B. Haligeri,
Dist. Reporter, Vijaya Karnataka, North Canara Region

Presently working as a reporter for Vijaya Karnataka, Hanumantha has many a feather in his hat,I have always had a passion for writing; I knew I would be pursuing my career in the literary field from my youth. I have been a voracious reader and would write a lot during my school and college days too

He says DFP truly broadened my perspective and helped me break many barriers. A person who would always take the back seat changed into a leader, leaving no stone unturned.

Hanumantha has now written 4books; a drama, a novel and two collections of short stories, each of them have won him an array of awards. His drama Uru suttaroo hanumappa horaga has received the Indira Govindrao award and has won a Rs. 5,000/- cash prize on the same. His book attalolagina Minaku has won the second place in the Hosa Diganta Deepawali competition and Kengulabi has won the Kasap Datti award in 2011. His books and dramas speak about sensitive issues in society, building a platform to help people cope with their situations.     



Working with Selco Foundation

DFP made me a responsible man. I realized that when I started working with Selco. I was selected at Selco on a temporary basis, they wanted to see how capable I was. I was given a task of problem solving in all our branches. It was like a cake walk for me now! Recognizing my capabilities they gave me bigger tasks and now I work on their mission.     


Sikandar Miranayak,

Sikandar Miranayak,
Founder & CEO, SRDS, Hubballi.

I was referred by my CEO to join the Deshpande Fellowship Program in 2008. When I was interviewed, I couldn’t speak in English, I needed a translator. I dont know what Naveen sir saw in me, I was selected. DFP was like an oasis in the desert for me. The first time I heard about having an open mindset was during our village study module and the concept of entrepreneurship was first introduced to me during the fellowship. I always thought that social work was the ultimate form of working, now I know the importance of sustainability and entrepreneurship. 


Deepa Patil

Deepa Patil,
Founder, Shining Moon Foundation,

The turning point of my life was DFP. I joined the course to get the required knowledge about entrepreneurship and polish my skill set. I passed out as a confident, ambitious individual.

I started my venture, Shining Moon Foundation in 2011, where we train rural students not only in computer skills but also in communication. I utilize the skill set I developed at DFP to the fullest and have built a very strong network of students. I dont have to search for admissions, students come because they trust the quality of training we provide. It makes me feel proud!     



Parivartan Gurukul, Bijapur/ Hubballi

I am professionally a pharmacist and have worked in the same field for quite some time. Awed by kids and the education system, I started evening classes. My passion to give back to society grew through the interactions with these kids. This passion was then met with the introduction to social entrepreneurship at DFP. Once I realized the true meaning and expanse of Social Entrepreneurship, fundraising and importance of scaling up, it made a frame for my thoughts. I have now started my own school chain and have been running it successfully from 2013.     


Babu Hipparagi,

Babu Hipparagi,
Co-Founder & CEO, Sarvashree Souhardha Credit Sahakari Niyamit Yogapur, Bijapur

Having worked as an employee for an organization for 8-9 years, I realized that I wanted to start-up on my own. Feeling the need to polish my skill set and get a better idea about entrepreneurship, I joined DFP. The rigorous training taught us something each day, every module was meaningful and relevant. I was recognized for my abilities in fundraising, I was also awarded the Best Fundraiser Award and was greatly appreciated for that. Through the training program, I gained required practical exposure, understood the importance of concepts and interest and gained confidence about my plans.     


Koutilya Program


Shiv, Koutilya Graduate,
Chief Accountant at Navodyami

This fellowship has changed my personality, built my confidence and inspired me. My job requires me to train rural entrepreneurs and teach them basic accounting. I have now become good with Cash Flow Analysis and Business Financial Planning. I want to open my own consulting business in the future.


Karthik Shetty

Karthik Shetty,
Chartered Accountant

Overall, this fellowship provides a great platform for students who are looking to make a good career in accounts management as well as prospective employers who want to hire quality people for handling their accounting work.


Susandhi Krishi Chetana Program


Employee, BCI

I learnt about motivating farmers and the technicalities of agriculture. The job requires me to visit villages and organise meetings in addition to sending field reports and keeping a regular check on whether the farmers are following our guidelines.



Aarifa, SKC graduate,
Liaison officer at BCI

The best thing about my job is the respect that we receive from farmers. With our guidance, farmers expenditure hasreduced from around `15,000 to just ` 7,000 as we have educated them about the right techniques.


Mohammed Innus Khan

Mohammed Innus Khan,
Programme Head, SKC

By facilitating the rural youth to empower themselves, the programme creates a ready connection between the agricultural and development sectors and invigorates the ecosystem network.


Susandhi Program

Rajashekhar Mantrif

Rajashekhar Mantri,
Hardware Division, Samsung

I joined DSF to secure a job, but, I got much more than that. The modules, exposure have helped me grow as a person personally and professionally. I feel that my career is moving in the right direction.”


Susandhi Electrician Program

Mallinath Madival

Mallinath Madival
Trainee Sen Engr V Guard Services,

I joined DSEP to learn new thing to earn practical knowledge about basic electrical tools, Motor winding, & Transformer that that helped me to work in company



Nanopix Ltd. Vidyanagar, Hubballi

I learnt in DSEP program about practical skills which helped me to get job in Nanopix Company without ATC certificate & now I am working in same company from last 2years”


Sagar Hugar

Sagar Hugar
Deshpande Foundation, Hubballi

“In DSEP program I experienced lot of skills such as Motor winding, AC, DC, Wiring and industrial exposure & personality development which is helped me to work in Deshpande Foundation”.