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Susandhi Electrician Program


The Deshpande Electrician Program immerses ITI graduates into an environment of practical education for real world application. Weekly interaction with industry professionals and daily exploration in the field enhance confidence, critical thinking, and creativity. The DSEP training differs from traditional training programs with approach towards professional and personal development and enhanced individualized learning and application.

What makes the program unique?

The curriculum of the Deshpande Susandhi Electrical Programme has the unique ability to cater to all ITI graduates of various levels and capacities. Students who are motivated to work hard, show initiative, and think optimistically are the right candidates for DSEP. Prior work experience is an additional benefit although not a requirement, for we believe that the amalgamation of various talents, backgrounds, and mindsets create a rich environment of discovery and invention.



Industrial training institutes equip students with knowledge necessary for specialization within a field of interest, but often neglect to invest time and resources into practical application of learned concepts and theories. Today’s workforce calls for skilled workers who are capable of meeting complex challenges. Industrial training institutes do not meet the needs and requirements of the present industry technology, and thus, individuals from rural backgrounds lack in areas such as practical knowledge, communication and critical thinking. The industrial training from such institutes leaves graduates questioning the value of an education that does not provide students with employable skills in their field.

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