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Susandhi Program


What is the Deshpande Susandhi Fellowship?

The DSF Programme contributes to organisations that are for-profit, not-for profit as well as public and private enterprises. They train students to be efficient and competent frontline staff, who are able to contribute and strengthen the field operation capacity of an enterprise. The course participants go through 20 modules and are required to take up at least two leadership activities in their communities to help build their problem-solving capacity and improve confidence and public presentation skills.

Why was DSF started?

>Why was DSF started”></p>
<p>A challenge that most organisations face, especially those in development, is finding competent staff with the ability to communicate effectively. The Deshpande Susandhi Fellowship Programme trains local youth from rural backgrounds and equips them with these valuable skills. They learn to communicate, take on leadership roles, be a part of management processes and understand core concepts needed to run enterprises and build a lasting relationships with clients.</p>
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I joined DSF to secure a job, but, I got much more than that. The modules, exposure have helped me grow as a person personally and professionally. I feel that my career is moving in the right direction.”

Rajashekhar Mantri,
Hardware Division, Samsung


Triggering a career metamorphosis

A 1st PUC graduate, Rajashekhar Mantri used to work as an office boy when he came across the Deshpande Susandhi Fellowship programme. Unable to afford the course fee, he took a DF loan. Today, Mantri is comfortable using a computer and various tools, can present confidently to an audience and has started using his newly acquired networking and communication skills at his job in Samsung. He started off as a desk executive but quickly moved up the ranks, received Best Employee Recognition and now works in the Hardware division.


100% placement in over 25 organisations

100% placement in over 25 organisations Over 300 graduate fellows have been placed in NGOs such as Sikshana Foundation, social enterprises such as NanoPix and organisations such as Esteem Trucker Company and US Agriseeds across Karnataka.

Better career prospects

Better career prospects The DSF graduates are witnessing a rapid growth in their career as a direct reflection of their experiential learning. They are also taking up leadership roles at an earlier stage in their employment, showing the impact created by this programme.

Benefit from 5-6x pay hike, 75% higher salaries

Benefit from 5-6x pay hike, 75% higher salaries Tier-3 city graduates with a non-technical background used to earn initial salaries of ` 2,000 to ` 3,000 and now, as DSF graduates, receive approximately 15,000, almost 75% higher than their earlier salaries.