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Human Resource Management Program

Human Resource Management Fellowship

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DHRMF is a two month program that serves to create next generation human resource leaders in India. It works to equip students with tools and resources needed to enhance their ability to become competitive HR professionals.

Human Resource personnel are the backbone of any organization. They define the work culture and drive the employees to contribute in the most productive way possible, enabling the company to achieve its goals.


The purpose of DHRMF Program is to recognize and further enhance the Human Resource Management learning of bright individuals who already come from a HR background, making them competent and immediately employable.
- Savita Y N,
HR Manager, DET & DF

DHRMF offers

The DHRMF closely interacts with industry and non-profits. Hence we have a deep understanding of what they look for in HR executives and have designed the program to help fellows stay updated with the current global best practices in HRM.

Classroom Training


Expert Lectures


Personality Development


Public Speaking




I often hear industry HR practitioners wishing college curricula would include current best practices in HRM. This prompted us to set up a program that would not only make HR graduates industry ready but also equip them with effective communication skills.

Naveen Jha,
Managing Trustee, DET

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